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Brazil adopts new cryptocurrency laws following approval of legislation

Written by: ( December 22, 2022 )

Cryptocurrencies have just been recognized as a legitimate means of payment in Brazil. As one of his final acts before vacating office, President Jair Bolsonaro gave his approval to a bill that aims to regulate providers of virtual assets and the use of said asset class in the country. The Chamber of Deputies approved the […]

Brazil lawmakers approve bill to recognize Bitcoin as money

Written by: ( December 1, 2022 )

Brazil’s lawmakers have approved a bill to establish a framework for digital currency use in Latin America. Brazilians will soon be able to use Bitcoin to pay for their purchases and digital assets will also be recognized as an investment assets. House Bill 4401/21 establishes an agency to supervise the Brazilian cryptocurrency market. This includes […]

Cryptocurrency investments in Brazil continue to rise

Written by: ( November 8, 2022 )

Latin America is increasingly using cryptocurrency as an investment option. Brazil is leading the way, and the Brazilian Tax Authority presented numbers that correspond to cryptocurrency investments made by taxpayers in Brazil on November 4. It showed a record for investors who have put their money into crypto. According to statements from independent holders and […]

Brazilian digital bank Nubank launches its own cryptocurrency

Written by: ( October 20, 2022 )

Brazilian digital bank Nubank has released its own cryptocurrency in an effort to further expand new technologies, including blockchain and Web3. According to an announcement from Wednesday on the company’s blog, Nucoin will be available to all customers of the bank starting next year. The cryptocurrency, once unveiled, will be the basis for creating rewards […]

Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges investigated for possible money laundering

Written by: ( September 23, 2022 )

With the support of the Brazilian tax authority and the Federal Police of Brazil on September 22, the Brazilian Federal Police have launched Operation Colossus’ final stage. This investigation has more than four years of historical background. The authorities have executed over 100 court orders targeting six cryptocurrency exchanges and four forex operators, as well […]

Brazil’s securities regulator pushing for changes to cryptocurrency bill

Written by: ( September 12, 2022 )

The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM, for its Portuguese acronym) is pressing for changes to the cryptocurrency bill. This will clarify how virtual assets in Brazil will be treated. This new directive is a departure from the previous administration that had not made any proposals about this bill. The CVM specifically requests that the […]

Regulated cryptocurrency in Brazil is gaining ground

Written by: ( September 7, 2022 )

Several countries are forging a path to legitimize cryptocurrencies. Brazil is one, but its direction is more circuitous. The latest information on tax filings includes a record number of crypto statements, an indication that the path toward regulation is becoming clearer. The Brazilian tax authority (RBF, for its Portuguese acronym) has reported more than one […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Ripio introduces prepaid card in Brazil

Written by: ( August 29, 2022 )

Argentina-based cryptocurrency exchange Ripio is bringing its prepaid cashback and debit card to Brazil. The company has announced that it’s ready to make the move, giving account holders the ability to use the card to pay at traditional points-of-sale using their crypto holdings. In addition, they can make payments in 28 cryptocurrencies and receive 5% […]

Brazil lawmakers may approve cryptocurrency bill before the end of the week

Written by: ( August 3, 2022 )

The Chamber of Deputies in Brazil could approve a cryptocurrency bill that was introduced earlier this year. Ricardo Barros, the leader of the Federal Government in this chamber, said that the bill will be debated, although there are no reports about a vote. The chamber is also expected to discuss other time-sensitive bills. Brazil is […]

Brazilian FinTech to introduce cryptocurrency exchange and stablecoin

Written by: ( July 12, 2022 )

Brazilian FinTech startup PicPay is interested in cryptocurrency. However, it’s not breaking into the ecosystem slowly. It will launch a stablecoin and a cryptocurrency exchange, as well as a crypto unit. PicPay is fully entering the cryptocurrency wormhole. It has announced a number of Web3-focused services that range from the launch of a stablecoin to […]