While there is no guaranteed way of increasing your chances of winning at online slots, there are methods that can improve your return. The RTP (return to player) determines the probability and this cannot be altered. However, certain online slot tips can help build a strategy that makes it more affordable to play, as long as you don’t wager more than you can afford to lose.


One of the most common ways to increase your return is to use free spins, primarily those that are offered as a welcome bonus. There are also free spins offered by most online casinos during normal gameplay, but, obviously, using signup free spins will deliver a 100% return if the slot machine lands on a winner. By looking for those options with the lowest turnover requirement, the chances of maintaining any wins accrued increase substantially. Keep in mind, though, that most signup bonuses require a deposit to be made, but this can later be withdrawn.


Always maintain a “stop loss strategy,” whether as a novice or seasoned gambler. This is essentially a limit on how much will be spent gambling – on slot machines or elsewhere – that, once reached, means it’s time to step away. Discipline while on a losing run is hard to stick to, but is necessary for an enjoyable gambling experience. Knowing the maximum you are going to bet before the session, and sticking to it, will increase the entertainment value.


Stopping while you’re ahead is always a smart decision. If you are in front of the starting balance, it might be time to take a break. You’ve already turned the session into a winning one, so don’t risk losing it. Even if you only gambled $50 on a slot machine, but won $55, you just earned a 10% profit. That’s not a bad return on any investment.