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How to find the best iGaming slot as soon as it’s released

  Of all the well-known verticals of an online casino, one of the most popular ones is definitely the online slots. Picking a favorite slot machine can be as difficult as choosing your favorite brand of coffee, but there are…

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Evolution Brings Gonzo’s Quest Slot To Life Through VR

Evolution Gaming is changing the world of online slot machines. It has announced the launch of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, an online live game show that is based on the popular slot machine of the same name offered by NetEnt. More…

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Winning at online slots without breaking the bank

While there is no guaranteed way of increasing your chances of winning at online slots, there are methods that can improve your return. The RTP (return to player) determines the probability and this cannot be altered. However, certain online slot…

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Casinos still unwelcome in the Lone Star State

With the close of the 87th Texas legislative session, it is now official that the Lone Star State is opposed to casinos, as well as sports gambling. May 31 marked the last day of the regular session and, although Texas…

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Several land-based slot machines continue to impress gamblers decades after their introduction

It could be said that a large part of the casino industry’s success rides on the slot machine segment. Their concept hasn’t changed drastically over the past 130 years since they were first introduced, but the styles, designs and payouts…

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Pros and Cons of Land-Based Casinos and Online Crypto Casinos

Pros and Cons of Land-Based Casinos and Online Crypto Casinos For decades, the only option available to enjoy slot machines was to pay a visit to a casino or a game room. This isn’t always a viable option for many…

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