Curacao license does not specify an exact process for account verification, leaving it up to the operators to create one to ensure that the customer’s player’s identities can be verified. The process we have in place to verify a player’s account involves three elements of verification; ID verification, proof of address & proof of payment. The player has to provide documents in 48h after requesting the payout, and the merchant will review them in 3 business days. The current requirements are as following:



Copy of a valid photo ID such as a passport, driver’s license or government ID card. This must include scans of the front and back of the cards. 

In the absence of photo-ID, we can accept a copy of a birth certificate. The certificate must have all four corners visible. We will also need a photo of the player holding up their birth certificate, with their face and the front of the certificate clearly visible.


Proof of Address

A utility bill or bank statement clearly displaying the player’s name and current residential address which has been issued with the last three months. 


The verification of a customer’s proof of payment will depend on the deposit method they choose to deposit with. The requirements will differ for each method and may need to be updated periodically due to changes the payment methods may make to their user interfaces and/or the Casinos accepted payment methods. The below is a list of current proof of payment requirements at the Casino based on the currently accepted payment methods:




Players verify their accounts through the submission of documents to the Casino via a sub-page on the casino itself.


As a last resort, players may also submit their documents via email. If a player submits documents via email, the player is to submit documents to the following email address:


[email protected]


Emails can only be accepted if the email the player sends the email from is the same as the one registered on the account. Emails sent from addresses that are not the registered email address on the Casino account are not to be accepted.


Should a player wish to submit a new doc or revised doc via chat, the player must be logged in. Players are to be told to login before they submit documents via chat. Documents submitted on chat without the player being signed in are not to be accepted.

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