We like to keep things fun. But most importantly, we want to keep things safe for everyone. That’s why we work hard to prevent underage gambling and provide help for those who may be experiencing a gambling problem.


You must be of legal age to play at Slots.gg. All registered players must verify their legal age before signing up. Those who lie about their age or falsify documents will have their funds confiscated and may face criminal prosecution.

We have mechanisms in place to ensure that only those  who are of age are playing online. At any time, we may request you to verify your age.


We’re an entertainment site, first and foremost. We’re here to provide you with fun and games. And while we hope you win, you should know that winning is definitely not guaranteed. Always set a budget for playing slots and make sure it’s reasonable. Consider it as entertainment, much like a budget for movies and dining out.

But even with a set budget, you may develop a gambling problem. If you have any of these signs, we encourage you to seek help:

  • I have the urge to continue gambling after a win
  • I’ve borrowed money to finance my gambling activities online and off
  • I feel regretful after losing a game
  • I celebrate good things in my life by gambling
  • I count on gambling to solve financial difficulties or pay back debts
  • I’ve sold personal belongings to finance gambling
  • I turn to gambling to escape anxiety or personal problems
  • I have difficulty sleeping because of gambling
  • I turn to gambling after an argument
  • I’ve committed a crime or have considered it to finance gambling
  • I’ve considered harming myself (or even suicide) because of gambling
  • I’m starting to neglect my work and personal life because of gambling

If you have any of the above signs, please consider visiting one of these helpful resources: NPCGambling.orgAdictelGambling Therapy


We’ve made it easy to help you identify and put a stop to problem gambling. Here’s what you can do if you think you have a problem:

  • Self-ban. Block yourself from playing for a specific period of time.

  • Know your limits: Cap your deposit amount on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. To reverse the caps, you’ll need to provide documentation that shows doing so won’t cause financial harm to you, your family, or your loved ones.

  • Take time off: If we believe you’re facing a gambling addiction, we may restrict you from playing with us. The cooling off period will be entirely at our discretion.


Please note that you are responsible for making sure you are sufficiently protecting your personal computer or whatever electronic device you’re using to connect. To help avoid fraudulent transactions, you are forbidden from disclosing your login info to anyone else.

If you believe your account has been tampered with or accessed without your knowledge, contact us right away.

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