Slotegrator announced the launch of a new platform with a variety of functions for online casinos and sportsbook operators. This product was launched on May 16.

Slotegrator’s modern microservice architecture has made the product more efficient and offered customers a better level of service. This was achieved by optimizing speed, security, and stability. Operators have seen a significant speed increase in their project launch. A typical launch will take only a few days. End users, such as online casino players, can request implementation in the shortest time possible.

Operators have more integration options with the new platform, which allows them to integrate with different systems such as payment services, game content developers, and mobile apps. Operators will find the onboarding process easy thanks to the intuitive dashboard and user-friendly back-office interface. They can manage projects anywhere they are with the flexibility of the back office for smartphones and tablets.

Slotegrator’s clients have been using the product for many years. All features from the old platform have been retained. The bonus module, for example, has seen a redesigned UI.

Now it is much easier to create bonuses. The new platform also includes modules that were transferred from the old platform and have been updated.

Casino Builder allows clients to make changes to their gambling sites using simple tools. The operator can create a lobby from the back office and customize the front end of the project. This makes it much easier to design the layout. The project can also be deployed using a pre-made set of casino front-end templates.

The business intelligence module (BI) gives the operator access to the site’s analytics, such as gross gaming revenue, unique players and marginal profit. It also allows the operator to see the site’s statistics for a specific period, such as the number of active users, day, week, month or year.

The operator can quickly compare performance across different periods and analyze the current situation to make strategic decisions and improve productivity. This module is continually being improved, extended, and supplemented to provide more opportunities for project management. This separate KYC module helps to make the verification process more efficient and consistent.