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International arrest warrant issued for Spanish cryptocurrency scammer

Written by: ( July 6, 2022 )

After failing to appear in court twice, a man charged with running a large cryptocurrency pyramid scheme out of Spain is the subject of an international arrest warrant. National Court Judge Joaquín Gadea has issued an international search and arrest warrant against David Ruiz de León, founder of the Kuailian platform, a company allegedly specialized […]

Spain walks back cryptocurrency holdings requirement for tax purposes

Written by: ( March 24, 2022 )

The Spanish Treasury Ministry admitted that the current legal framework doesn’t include the obligation for Spaniards to declare their cryptocurrency holdings. Model 720, new tax guidance issued last year, deals with funds held overseas. However, the Spanish Tax Agency confirmed that citizens are not required to disclose their overseas cryptocurrency holdings. This is even if […]

Spanish slot developer R. Franco Digital launches cyborg-themed slot

Written by: ( March 9, 2022 )

The machines are coming to the iGaming slot machine realm. R. Franco Digital has introduced Cyborg 30L, an innovative new slot that transports users to a future in which machines look like people. The biggest Spanish brand has released a new release that sees semi-human robots compete against each other to win. The Cyborg 30L […]

FC Barcelona wants to develop its own cryptocurrency and NFT

Written by: ( March 2, 2022 )

The 26-time LaLiga champions FC Barcelona are currently working on a new metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFT collection. Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, has just announced that the team is currently working on a Barca metaverse. There are also plans to launch a club cryptocurrency. Laporta stated that an NFT (non-fungible token) collection was also in […]

Spain updates cryptocurrency tax laws following European Union intervention

Written by: ( February 15, 2022 )

Spanish lawmakers have introduced an amendment to tax model 720 that allows cryptocurrency and other holdings to be declared abroad. This will reduce some of the associated penalties. Although the modification has yet to be approved, it changes some of the harsher penalties that the country tried to introduce. On February 10, the Spanish Parliament […]

100 cryptocurrency ATMs are coming to Spain through Bitnovo, Eurocoin deal

Written by: ( January 19, 2022 )

Bitnovo, a company specialized in the sale of cryptocurrencies, and Eurocoin have signed an agreement that will allow it to contribute to the growth of ATM networks that operate with cryptocurrencies. The agreement will allow the installation of more than 100 cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain, placing it as the leading cryptocurrency ATM country in Europe. […]

Cryptocurrency scammer who took in almost $3M arrested in Spain

Written by: ( January 4, 2022 )

Spain’s Civil Guard contingent in the city of Valencia has arrested one of Europe’s biggest fraudsters for making false investments in cryptocurrency. The case involves a 45-year old man accused of seven charges of money laundering and fraud. The sum of all the assets that were blocked, including vehicles and bank accounts, was more than […]

Spain legislation would authorize cryptocurrency mortgage payments

Written by: ( August 4, 2021 )

Spanish legislators are backing a legal drive to legitimize the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry by proposing a new bill on how digital currencies can be spent. The new draft bill was presented by the Spanish political group the People’s Party (PP) and wants to drive advancement in numerous industries through regulated innovation. Notably, the bill […]

Spain looks to introduce new iGaming restrictions

Written by: ( July 16, 2021 )

Spain’s betting regulator, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), has launched a consultation period on new iGaming gambling standards. The new rules, if approved, would incorporate loss limits for every online gambling operator meeting and new guidelines for high-spend players. It has unveiled the proposition to assemble criticism from invested individuals, who have […]