The machines are coming to the iGaming slot machine realm. R. Franco Digital has introduced Cyborg 30L, an innovative new slot that transports users to a future in which machines look like people.

The biggest Spanish brand has released a new release that sees semi-human robots compete against each other to win. The Cyborg 30L symbols depict this theme. These symbols are high-paying symbols made up of robotic parts like chips, AI brains, and robotic heads.

These parts can be combined to form a cyborg assistant that can challenge mechanics. Players can also create their own cyborg with the help of Mechanics or their workshops.

Cyborg 30L has five reels and three lines that offer a total winning line of 30. R. Franco Digital focuses the title on the many gameplay features included in the game. These features include expanding Wilds and Wild symbols with a Re-Spin. There’s also the exciting Cyborg Free Spins round, which expands on these features. In addition, it’s possible to select between multiple languages, making the slot more user-friendly.

Mario Benito, Commercial Director at R. Franco Digital, said that the launch represents another step forward in the company’s state-of-the-art product development. He added that the team is extremely proud of Cyborg 30L’s futuristic theme and inclusion in the features. We are eager to see how players react to it.

Cyborg 30L is the newest addition to R. Franco Digital’s acclaimed games catalog. It can be enjoyed by players who are based in Colombian or Spanish-licensed markets.