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Ukraine no longer allows cryptocurrency purchases through local currency

Written by: ( April 25, 2022 )

New restrictions have been imposed by the National Bank of Ukraine on cross-border transactions. These restrictions temporarily ban cryptocurrency purchases made with local currency. Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, martial law has been in effect. Although it is currently in force, it is just part of a wider strategy to keep capital within […]

Ukraine legalizes cryptocurrency as legal tender

Written by: ( March 18, 2022 )

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, signed Wednesday a regulation that made Bitcoin and Ethereum legal tender in Ukraine. This was due to the fact that more than $100 million worth of crypto donations were made to Ukraine in support of its war effort against Russian invaders. The information was confirmed by Ukraine’s Ministry and Committee […]

Beware the fake fundraisers looking for cryptocurrency for Ukraine

Written by: ( March 10, 2022 )

During Russia’s invasion, charities supporting Ukraine turned to cryptocurrency donations to raise funds. The gamble on virtual currency worked and Ukraine’s government raised over $50 million in cryptocurrency within a week after launching wallets that could be used to directly receive donations. However, there are also those who are taking advantage of the situation for […]

Coinbase blocks cryptocurrency wallets tied to Russian illicit activity

Written by: ( March 8, 2022 )

Some wallet companies, such as Binance, have stated they won’t get involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, Coinbase is taking action. It announced Sunday that it had blocked over 25,000 cryptocurrency wallet addresses associated with Russian entities or individuals it believed to be involved in illicit activity. Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s chief legal officer, stated in […]

Ukraine has now collected over $52 million in cryptocurrency to help it fight Russia

Written by: ( March 3, 2022 )

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have risen in value, crypto donations to Ukraine’s government and other organizations have reached $52 million. This financial support is provided as Ukraine resists Russia’s military invasion, which began last Thursday. Up to $35 million was raised by the Ukrainian government by Wednesday. The remainder was raised by organizations supporting the […]

Ukraine receives cryptocurrency donations to fight Russian invasion

Written by: ( February 28, 2022 )

As of Monday morning, $20 million in cryptocurrency had been donated to support Ukraine’s resistance against the Russian invasion. This is after the country’s official Twitter handle shared two cryptocurrency wallet address addresses on Saturday. Through these addresses, it could receive donations of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is currently raging. […]

Russia using cryptocurrency to avoid US sanctions

Written by: ( February 25, 2022 )

After months of increasing tensions, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine earlier this week. The cryptocurrency market responded violently, and Bitcoin’s (BTC) values plummeted. Many people are waiting for the West to announce harsh sanctions. Experts believe that Russia could use crypto to circumvent most of these sanctions. Russia has been targeted with severe sanctions […]