There have been a few attempts at bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream retail over the years, but the process is slow. Still, a number of retailers are onboarding digital payments from time to time, and a budget airline out of Spain is joining them. Vueling Airlines will allow flyers to buy their tickets with crypto beginning later this year.

Vueling, a part of the IAG group of companies, and cryptocurrency trading platform Criptan have signed a collaboration agreement to explore NFT (non-fungible token) technology and offer customers the ability to pay for their travels with cryptocurrencies. To support this new endeavor, Vueling will use UATP technology, already the primary payment network for the global airline industry. However, Vueling didn’t specify which digital currencies will be accepted.

Vueling and Criptan are also exploring solutions that could result in the incorporation of applications of blockchain technology and NFTs in the airline company’s operations. However, they didn’t provide more details on what types of solutions they are working on. The goal is to deliver innovative solutions to Vueling’s customers and thus improve the user experience through digital tools.

Provided everything stays on track, Vueling will begin accepting crypto during the second half of 2023, with customers able to make their purchases directly through the Vueling website.

Vueling began working on its crypto plans last summer, later reaching an agreement with Criptan. The trading platform is registered with the Bank of Spain, providing an added layer of protection for consumers and their purchases.