Cryptocurrency content creators on TikTok aren’t feeling appreciated by the platform. Many have started to see their content disappear without warning, even though they assert that they are only trying to educate consumers about the market. New policy changes implemented by the social media platform seem to be taking a swipe at cryptocurrency content, leaving many creators ready to move to other platforms.

Last month, TikTok introduced a system capable of automatically blocking videos that reportedly violate its policies. Along with the implementation of the system, it also updated branded content policy, which prohibits the promotion of financial services. Included in the list are cryptocurrencies, unless the creators disclose it through a branded content option in the app.

According to CNBC, 11 cryptocurrency creators have seen their content flagged or taken down permanently, with TikTok not providing an explanation. Some have also had their accounts temporarily banned more frequently. However, most of the creators that spoke with CNBC acknowledged that they aren’t paid to promote any content. Still, the new policies are working, and the number of visits to content pages, as well as the number of new followers, continues to slide.

CNBC wasn’t able to get a response from the company, with a representative only pointing to TikTok’s guidelines. The individual wouldn’t say which policies were being broken by the creators.

Some of the creators are now ready to jump ship and move to other platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Discord. There, they assert, they have more freedom and flexibility with the content they share.