A teenager in the UK who set up a phony site as a feature of a “complex digital misrepresentation” has had more than £2 million ($2.7 million) of cryptocurrency seized by police. The unidentified 17-year-old used the site to trick clients of a digital gift card site into entering their details. He took £6,500 ($8,923) worth of cards and utilized the returns to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), according to court records.

Prosecutor Sam Skinner said that the teen had set up the phony site from his room in April 2020. It was practically indistinguishable from the authority site of Love2Shop, which sells gift cards, the court heard. The scammer then paid to publicize on Google, which brought about the sham site showing up over the authentic site when individuals looked for it.

The court was told the teen brought the site down following seven days when Love2Shop started an investigation following a complaint from a client. Nonetheless, the teen, from south Lincolnshire, utilized the returns to purchase BTC and other digital currencies, which accordingly exploded in value. Following his capture in August 2020, police found 48 BTC, as well as other cryptocurrency. At the time, they were worth around $220,000.

The ensuing police examination additionally found more than 12,000 charge card numbers stored on the kid’s PC and personal data of 197 PayPal accounts. The youngster admitted to charges of illegal tax avoidance from around April 9 to 16, 2020, and misrepresentation totaling £6,539 ($8,978) by false representation. Judge Catarina Sjolin Knight decided that he profited from his violations by £2,141,720 ($2.94 million) and requested that the amount be seized from his assets.

Although he has to return all the money he earned, the teen got off light. He was only sentenced to probation and a 12-month rehabilitation order.