In an effort to simplify cryptocurrency banking and meet the needs of traditional investors as well as digital investors, SEBA Bank, a Swiss-based digital asset bank, has launched a new offering in order to make cryptocurrency banking easier. A press release stated that SEBA Bank is offering customers the option to choose between three exclusive programs as part of its new offering. These are aimed at the most demanding traders and are designated Corporate, Gold and Platinum.

In order for investors to have access to institutional-grade crypto services, the Gold program is designed as a means of ensuring investor protection. Corporate is a program for companies operating in the digital asset industry, while Platinum is a program for investors seeking personalized client assistance. In addition to having access to concierge services and airport lounges, members of this association receive a metal credit card with a customized limit.

Last November, SEBA Bank expanded into Asia when it opened a new branch in Hong Kong through the creation of a local subsidiary as part of its commitment to continuous and dynamic growth.

This is the company’s first physical location in the APAC region. It will primarily offer market research and consultancy services to the APAC region. The office is the company’s first physical location in the APAC region.

Several days later, the company partnered with Asian cryptocurrency market solutions provider HasKey Digital Asset Group to accelerate the adoption of digital assets in Hong Kong by institutional traders. That paved the way for institutional adoption of digital assets in the city.

Also last year, SEBA hired a new chief technology officer (CTO) who has almost two decades of experience working in the technical field, as well as leading technology teams. Previously, Xavier Alabart worked as the CTO for Bolttech, a unicorn insurer with $44 billion in assets under management.