The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator announced its first global jackpot launch. The new iGaming slot machine option could revolutionize interaction and lead to even larger payouts than some of the top progressive slots now. Some of these have payouts above $10 million.

The global jackpot pool is progressive. This allows for more reach and engagement by the audience as funds can be contributed by multiple casinos within one owner. This means that any player can win a bigger jackpot by playing at one casino, but the jackpot will be generated from all the bets at all of the casinos involved.

Operators have the opportunity to scale the global jackpot campaign by allowing players from different brands to participate in one campaign. Global jackpot rules allow bets in multiple currencies to be placed – a multicurrency Jackpot. Multicurrency will allow players from different countries to take part in jackpots. This will increase player interest and increase the number of possible bets.

Aliaksei Douhin is the product manager for the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator. She stated that the partnership between SOFTSWISS & N1 Partners Group, the first to include the aggregator, has reached a new level. Douhin added that there is great potential in the Jackpot Aggregator’s development and new opportunities for the company’s partners.

The new option is likely to lead to new comprehensive jackpot promotions. It has enabled the introduction of multi-module solutions and will have a positive effect on the number and duration of gaming activity in the company’s projects.