Raw iGaming, a newly launched slot developer, has just released its first add-ons, and they should prove wildly successful. Clusterspin is said to offer a “completely different way of enriching the player experience” by introducing side bets to online slot machines.

Clusterspin is an add-on to the SuperSlice game engine that allows players to bet on whether they will win over a certain number of rounds. It allows players to wager on their chances of winning or losing over a set number of rounds, such as five, 10, 15, or 20. The player chooses their side bet, and the round will win or lose. This can ease the pain of a losing round while increasing excitement for a good round.

Raw iGaming’s CEO, Tom Wood, said that add-ons are great for enhancing the player experience. He asserted that Clusterspin offers a unique feature that allows players to win even if they lose, adding that the company is set to “challenge industry norms,” while delivering innovative player experiences.

Clusterspin is now available in Raw iGaming’s debut titles Wheels of Rock, Journey to Chaos and Journey to Chaos, subject to market regulations. Bonus Rush is also available on Journey to Chaos.

Bonus Rush is another add-on that the company has introduced. This buy feature, which the company said was trending for a few years, allows players to choose the feature and level of bet for the bonus round.

Raw iGaming said that the add-ons were a “nice complement” and enhancement to the SuperSlice engine. They provide slices on any wheel design, so players don’t know how many or what each slice contains. This includes multiplier triggers and high-value symbols.