Quickbit, a Swedish cryptocurrency company, has launched a debit card in the country. The announcement was made on Tuesday. Intergiro issued the card as a Visa card, which allows users to make payments using their app for euro accounts.

Hammad Abuiseifan, the CEO of Quickbit, called the launch a “significant milestone” in the company’s young history. He asserted that the Quickbit Card will be the leader in the Swedish crypto market, offering a product that allows users to make payments that can be directly connected to the company’s ecosystem. This goal is to simplify the use of cryptocurrency in people’s daily lives.

According to the company, users can switch between cryptocurrencies and euro payments via the app. The card works in all places that accept Visa. Consumers can use the card to pay online and in physical stores, as well as use them to withdraw money from ATMs.

After a successful pilot at the end of March, the card will be made available to all Swedish users. It will eventually be available in the Norwegian market, as well. It can also be connected to a Quickbit App-enabled crypto wallet.

Messaging service Telegram announced last week that its 550 million users will be able to send and receive payments using Ton Coin (TON) cryptocurrency. Telegram users will be able to send TON coins directly within Telegram chats with no transaction fees to any Telegram users. There won’t be long wallet addresses like the ones currently used to complete transactions, nor will there be a need to wait for confirmations.