Pragmatic Play, a company that supplies content to the iGaming industry, has created new game Diamond Dazzle Bingo. From the company’s press release, Diamond Dazzle Bingo will take Pragmatic Play’s full house to the “next level.”

Diamond Dazzle Bingo is a brand-new 90-ball bingo game that is sure to please players who love bingo. What makes it different from other bingo games on the market is the unique Diamond Dazzle feature.

Each round of this game includes up to four prizes. When the game begins, the diamonds will show a number from 1 to 24. This way, you can guess which order they came in. Once the diamond is dealt out, it will instantly turn into what it’s worth and be removed from the board. The more diamonds you collect, the higher your score.

The Diamond Dazzle is a feature that happens when the player wins a Full House. At this point, they will be given an evaluation for the 25th diamond, and it will depend on the numbers called in-game and how many total diamonds they have. Players can accept the value of the diamond or decline it in hopes of getting a bigger reward elsewhere.

If you’ve staked in the jackpot-winning game, you’re eligible to play for a share of the pot. In addition to the Full House winner getting 50% of the jackpot, players who get lucky during the Diamond Dazzle Jackpot Game can win the other half if they select the same results as the jackpot winner.