Slot machines have been around longer than casinos and have evolved extensively over the past 100-plus years. However, one aspect has remained constant the entire time. Gamblers can feel confident that sitting down at different slot machines will result in a wide range of return-to-players (RTP), the payout the machine makes. However, with iGaming continuously gaining a larger market share, online slots are becoming more popular. This is because they offer a wider variety of options that increase the entertainment value and a higher and more consistent RTP, which leans gamblers take home a bigger piece of the action.

The RTP with online slot machines is virtually the same, even if different operators host them. Part of this is because the operators don’t have the overhead associated with land-based casinos – no slot machine cabinets, reduced workforces, lower utility costs and more. As a result, the operator can also afford to offer higher payouts, which is increased as competition in the iGaming space increases.

To find the best RTP online slots you’ll need to do some research on the Internet for information on the slot titles. Then, compare the payback percentages of the games. It might require some additional effort to find the information, but the payoff will come once you find the slots with better RTPs.

Just because the payback percentage is higher, this doesn’t mean you will necessarily win more often. Slots are popular with gamblers because they’re easy and they’re popular with casinos because the house has the advantage. To increase your chances of receiving more significant dividends, you will also have to consider the volatility of the slot machines. This information will never be readily available, but an educated guess can be made by looking at the jackpot size and the pay table. More enormous jackpots and small payouts mean the slot is more volatile. To make the bankroll last, stay away from these machines.