ACI Worldwide, a supplier of real-time payment solutions, has announced a new partnership with RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. The latter is a global supplier of cryptocurrency-based payments, and the new arrangement will see ACI, through its Secure eCommerce platform, offer RocketFuel’s payments solution directly, empowering vendors around the world to accept digital currency payments.

RocketFuel offers a one-click payment solution that is capable of accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. It also offers bank transfers to vendors and their clients on the web and in-store through smart devices with QR codes or NFC capabilities.

ACI’s Secure eCommerce arrangement with the RocketFuel component permits merchants to fuse new payment options into the portable checkout, offering more intelligent payment decisions for their clients. The integration, which is being made available with no processing fees, will add new digital currencies as RocketFuel embraces them.

RocketFuel’s new “Zero Fees forever” option, which currently supports more than 50 different types of cryptocurrency, gives merchants the ability to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment without paying any handling charges. Supported by ACI Secure eCommerce, this drive furnishes merchants with a quick and secure payments gateway that is impervious to cryptocurrency price volatility.

According to RocketFuel CEO Peter Jensen, digital currency will change eCommerce and in-store shopping as cryptocurrency continues to gain more ground. He added that more merchants will be able to take advantage of the option to include cryptocurrency payments, which will lower costs and increase the user experience.