The launch of a new cryptocurrency recovery system has been announced by Chiron Investigations Crypto Recovery Solutions, a leading cyber forensics firm. The solution is designed to reclaim lost cryptocurrency assets by individuals and businesses following instances of cybercrime. It targets crypto and forex trading thefts by providing information on how to recover stolen cryptocurrency.

Chiron uses cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and proprietary solutions to find online assets and track digital trails cybercriminals leave following their exploitations. Using its crypto recovery services, users can recover stolen funds.

Chiron recently expanded its offerings to additionally include recovery for those affected by other forms of crypto theft, such as money lost to a scam or through certain types of fraud. The company also assists in reversing stolen crypto related to forex trading.

As a result, Chiron offers a no-win, no-fee policy and a team of experienced professionals to help clients recover their assets. Chiron guarantees a 97% recovery rate for all digital currency transactions.

Besides recovery services, the company provides a series of measures for protecting crypto investments. These include advanced protocols, innovative detection systems and comprehensive coverage through a global network of detection points.

Chiron recommends the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) for hot wallets as an additional layer of protection. It also recommends strong and unique passwords, as well as avoiding questionable links or downloads. Computer software and devices should be up to date with all necessary security patches and updates at all times. Cold wallets are also a good option for long-term cryptocurrency storage.

Chiron Investigations Crypto Recovery Solutions, located in the UK, is a leader in cyber forensics. The team is devoted to aiding people and companies in regaining digital possessions after being victims of cybercrime or cryptocurrency and foreign exchange frauds.