NetGaming’s new fruit slot, “Juicy Gold 100,” has been released. It is based on the best principles the platform offers and features a volatile 5-by-3 grid with a base game return to player of 94.30%. Juicy Gold 100 is a simplified title designed for classic gamers, but with many modern twists, such as improved navigation and multipliers. As such, it appeals to a lot of players.

While the game retains a retro look, it also added cool features like the 100x multiplier in Free Spins. However, the concept of this slot is very easy to understand.

Players can jump directly into the Free Spins stage by using the Bonus Buy feature. This gives them additional control over the game’s flow. They can click on Bonus Buy to spin the reels and produce Bonus Symbols.

In addition, players will be awarded a number of free spins depending on the number of symbols they collect. It is very easy to play; simply jump into the Bonus Round and let the game do the rest. NetGaming has created a solid product design with its latest release.

Players will unlock multipliers such as 2x-5x, 20x and 100x as they play the Free Spins. It would be the 100x multiplier they want to unlock right away, but this could take some luck.

The title, except for the Free Spins bonus round, is simple. There are both low- and high-paying symbols, including fruits, 7’s and bars, as well as stars and stars. The game will give players free spins every time you unlock a higher multiplier level. Although it is not difficult to get from a 2x multiplier up to a 5x multiplier, the levels after that can be quite challenging.