Web3 Security has issued a warning to all MS Word users that may have digital assets and cryptocurrency stored on their computers. “Follina,” a 0-day vulnerability that allows for full control over the computer, is taking advantage of MS Word documents, allowing hackers to infiltrate the entire operating system.

This exploit is called a “mountain-of-exploits,” meaning it contains many malicious operations that were once on a PC. The exploit has not yet been added to any antivirus software’s database. The 0-day vulnerability indicates that the exploit, virus, or attack mechanism has not been detected yet and that there is no protection for affected users.

This hack uses a template feature within Microsoft’s app that allows users to load and run HTML and JS directly from outside sources. It is dangerous to allow JS or HTML to be executed from untrusted sources.

Once the exploit is executed, it launches a command which launches Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool. This tool can be used by support agents to debug issues in the operational systems with remote access. After that, there’s nothing that can stop the hackers.

Private keys, which are often stored on the personal computers of users, could be the hacker’s primary goal. The OS cannot be saved once access has been granted. A total system wipeout would be the only way to stop the loss of sensitive information and files.

It is possible that there may not be a way to save files from a drive your Windows OS is based upon. Therefore, avoid downloading.rtf files to untrusted sources to stop the exploit from occurring on your personal computer.