Huobi Global, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of exchanged volume, has presented a 24-hour token withdrawal delay for all over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges. The decision hits hard all Huobi clients, some of whom will, in addition, be kept from pulling out their tokens for up to a day and a half if the trade’s appraisal framework makes a decision about them representing a higher risk. Huobi has said the move comes as part of its endeavor to “slowly present various danger control systems incorporating a bigger segment of clients” and adds that it anticipates that the delay should “effectively avoid user losses caused by the inflow of risky funds and protect the safety of users’ assets.”

Huobi had been carrying out a smaller adaptation of this action since August last year, when it implemented a withdrawal delay of as long as a day and a half on explicit, higher-risk clients. The new, more far-reaching initiative appears to align with Beijing’s continuous and multi-pronged crackdown on the country’s digital currency industry, which has come under fire, particularly in the mining area. In light of these limitations, an enormous volume of crypto trading in the country has moved to the OTC market, which is moderately unregulated and guarantees that the exchange of fiat doesn’t happen straightforwardly on established exchanges’ desks.

Significant degrees of movement on the OTC market during administrative clampdowns are a standard design in China. Back in 2017, when Beijing initially made a move against cryptocurrency trades, financial backers had correspondingly adjusted by making the shift to OTC exchanges. Huobi itself originally carried out its OTC assistance in November of that year in the midst of a progression of ever-more tight limitations on crypto exchanging the country.

The new restriction conflicts with certain analysts’ forecasts, who had anticipated that Beijing could adopt a lighter-contact strategy to OTC exchanging given that the area is decided to present lower capital flight chances than normal trades. However, the South China Morning Post revealed that the OTC area is seen by many analysts to be an entryway for both capital surges and illegal tax avoidance, just as a catalyst for high unpredictability in the crypto markets.