How to develop a winning strategy for land-based slot machines

Slot machines have always been a popular option in casinos, with their easy-to-use format and increasing odds of winning. Because they require little or no experience, the one-armed bandits have been a hit with gamblers since they exploded on the scene over 120 years ago.

Although it may not seem like it, because slot machines are so easy to play, there are strategies available to help gamblers increase their chances of winning.

Location, location, location.

When visiting a casino, choose those slot machines parked in premium locations. The general rule of thumb is slots situated in high traffic areas with greater visibility are the way to go. Statistically, these often produce more wins than those in low traffic or enclosed areas of the casino floor.

Stretch that dollar.

Playing more expensive slots doesn’t increase the chances of winning, so go for the machines on the lower end of the scale. Playing lower stakes allows for more spins with essentially the same amount of money. The more spins on a specific machine, the greater the chances of hitting a bonus. Your jackpot may not be as big as if you let it all roll on a few massive spins, but the likelihood of you coming away with a bonus should increase.

Know your limits.

Bankroll management is essential in all forms of gambling, and spinning slots is no exception. Set an amount that you can afford to lose in a session and stick to it. When you hit that loss amount, it’s time to move on and leave yourself enough ammo for another day.

Take the win.

If you do hit big, be sure to treat yourself and put aside some of the cash to spend somewhere else. Set it aside for something else and stick to your sound bankroll management plan. After all, nothing is more fun than splurging on yourself with money won.