As cryptocurrency adoption continues to increase, so does the global crypto ATM network. Recent data from Coin ATM Radar’s shows that the number of ATMs has seen a spike this year compared to last year, with 71.73% more tellers being installed in 2021. This has pulled up the number from 13,993 on January 1, to 24,030 currently.

Last year, the worldwide tally rose to 13,993 ATMs with growth of 119.56% after 7,620 new machines were introduced. Up until now, 2021 has seen the establishment of 10,037 ATMs. To keep things in context, data shows that crypto ATMs are being introduced at a speed of about 52.3 machines each day across the globe. The US right now drives this space, having introduced almost 48 ATMs each day, according to the information obtained over the most recent seven days. Coin ATM Radar’s data shows that ATM growth in the US rose 177% in a year, and is now at 16,835. The UK and Austria follow, with 174 and 158 ATMs, respectively, according to Coin ATM Radar data.

Crypto ATMs can be found across 75 countries and are controlled by 42 manufacturers and/or distributors. Coin ATM Radar’s information on the makers additionally shows that Genesis Coin overwhelms this space with a 40.9% piece of the market, while General Bytes claims around 24%. The other 35% of the market is divided between different players, including BitAccess, Coinsource and Bitstop.

One of the biggest holders of the Bitcoin (BTC) ATM network, Bitcoin Depot, just reported last week that it has partnered with Circle K to introduce crypto ATMs across the US and Canada. The association has led to the installation of over 700 new crypto ATMs. Bitcoin Depot has more than 3,500 crypto ATMs permitting clients in the US and Canada to buy more than 30 different digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and others.