Evoplay has gone down the same path as many other online slot developers, turning to nostalgia for inspiration. The slot development studio has delivered a new title, Fruit Disco, that, while following a popular theme, offers a unique experience. With its novel “Dance Pattern” and “Sticky Wilds,” Fruit Disco is more than just another disco-themed slot machine.

Sticky Wilds and the Dance Pattern are intrinsically intertwined. When a Sticky Wild triggers a winning combination, it halts and makes the Dance Pattern on the cells around it. This will ship lucky players to the captivating, more up-beat dance floor that highlights dynamic music and the potential for combinations of huge winnings.

With the most recent delivery in a progression of new slots, Evoplay’s award-winning solutions have continued to become stronger this year. In addition to innovative solutions such as Fruit Disco, it also offers a scope of great club works of art over the period.

Created utilizing the most recent in versatile first innovation, Fruit Disco has been intended to work perfectly across worldwide business sectors, across all devices. Evoplay CEO Ivan Kravchuk asserts that the new game highlights the company’s calculated approach” to game design, using new mechanics and a “classic aesthetic” to enhance the gaming experience. Fruit Disco also uses Evoplay’s state-of-the-art game motor, Spinential, which offers load times that are 10x quicker, an improved UI, an autospin component and game history bar that permits players to see all of their winning spins.