Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio has declared his aim to leave the cryptocurrency business, communicating worries over his own security. As per a Saturday report from Bloomberg, Di Iorio is hoping to sell his digital asset firm, Decentral, and disavow any remaining crypto projects he is engaged with, expressing that he no longer has a sense of security because of his raised profile inside the crypto ecosystem.

It would certainly make sense for Di Iorio to leave, now that he’s made his millions. Forbes indicated in 2018 that he was worth as much as $1 billion, so leaving now allows him to enjoy his rewards. During that same year, he was additionally pushed into the spotlight in the wake of purchasing the biggest townhouse in Canada for $22 million and utilizing crypto for part of the payment. Despite having supported crypto for years, Di Iorio now says that the ecosystem has a “risk profile” that he isn’t enthused about and that he doesn’t “feel necessarily safe” in the space. What he may be alluding to is unclear.

Di Iorio was among the eight fellow co-founders who started dealing with Ethereum in 2014. He filled in as chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2016 and has zeroed in on venture capital investments and startups in more recent years. In 2016, the 48-year-old Canadian entrepreneur established blockchain organization Decentral, which operates Jaxx Liberty — a multi-platform crypto wallet that reports a client base of more than 1 million.

Di Iorio currently hopes to sell Decentraland for “many millions,” emphasizing that he will just acknowledge either money or value in another organization for repayment and won’t consider offers made in crypto. He underscored that he doesn’t wish to put resources into new blockchain companies in the future.

In a bid to discover more humanitarian pursuits, Di Iorio has joined Project Arrow, which intends to construct Canada’s initial zero-outflow vehicle, with the business visionary affirming that crypto can just help with few of the world’s issues. Of Ethereum’s eight co-founders, just Vitalik Buterin is still effectively dealing with the platform.