Poloniex, the global cryptocurrency exchange, announced a partnership with APENFT, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT). The new integrated NFT marketplace allows users to trade and access NFTs on Poloniex.

The APENFT Marketplace launches today on Poloniex’s website and mobile app. It will be followed by massive NFT giveaways. Exclusive rights can be obtained by users on Poloniex through the purchase of Genesis NFT and TRON (TRX) ecosystem NFTs, such as TronMeebits, MAYCTron and BAYCTron, depending on their trading volume.

APENFT is a project that transforms world-class artworks from exclusive items into something accessible to all. APENFT is supported by the TRON network’s technology to provide decentralized, secure, reliable, efficient and decentralized services. To encourage NFT developers and artists to use the marketplace, there are no initial transaction fees or gas fees.

Poloniex is a company that has been in operation for over eight years. It strives to offer a great experience to all its customers. The exchange is dedicated to making it possible for people around the globe to participate in the global economy as well as to provide convenient financial services. Through the integration of the APENFT marketplace, which charges minimal gas fees, Poloniex hopes to drive mass adoption of NFTs.

Poloniex held a giveaway for NFTs to celebrate their partnership. APENFT and Poloniex launched a sale for 1,000 H.E. Justin Sun Exclusive NFT Covers created by Valuart x Vanity Fair. Each cover costs 999 TRX ($754.35). In addition, APENFT will offer a prize pool of up to 200,000 TRX ($16,763) in this series of NFTs, and Poloniex is offering $25 futures trail funds to users who purchase the cover.