China’s top regulators escalated the country’s crackdown on cryptocurrency today, introducing a sweeping restriction on all cryptocurrency exchanges and mining. They hit Bitcoin (BTC) and other significant coins and constrained crypto and blockchain-related stocks; however, forgot to include one. The country isn’t stopping the introduction of its own central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Ten offices, including the national bank, banking, securities and Forex regulators, promised to cooperate in uncovering “unlawful” digital currency movement, whenever the Beijing-first based organizations have united to expressly boycott all cryptocurrency-related action. In May, China restricted financial firms and payment organizations from offering assistance identified with digital currency transactions, and introduced comparable bans in 2013 and 2017. The rehashed denials feature the test of shutting escape clauses and distinguishing BTC-related movement; however, banks and payment firms say they will uphold the endeavors.

Friday’s assertion is the most thorough yet from the country’s leading regulators, highlighting Beijing’s obligation to choking out the Chinese crypto market. The move comes in the midst of a worldwide cryptocurrency crackdown, as governments from Asia to the US worry that independent digital currencies could threaten their control of the monetary and financial frameworks, increase economic risks and promote financial crime.

Chinese government offices have voiced concerns that digital currency investment could upset the nation’s economic stability, one of Beijing’s main priorities. Investigators say specialists likewise consider cryptocurrency to be a danger to China’s CBDC, its own sovereign digital yuan, which is close to being introduced.