, one of the principal sites about Bitcoin (BTC), was hacked and temporarily taken down today. Cobra, the cryptocurrency site’s anonymous curator, reported that was compromised, with hackers figuring out how to put up a scam notice that may have led to the loss of at least $17,000. The site has since been restored.

Bitcoin engineer Matt Corallo wrote on Twitter about the hack, explaining that the entire site was supplanted with a fake announcement requesting free BTC. He warned visitors not to send any cryptocurrency to the address listed and, shortly thereafter, Namecheap briefly disabled the site. Initially, it was thought the sight might be down for days; however, it now seems to be functioning properly.

Before was disconnected, clients detailed that was displaying a typical fake giveaway announcement and, exploring the address listed, it was determined that $17,000 may have been sent to the address. In the wake of the incident, Cobra recommended that the programmers took advantage of a flaw in the DNS, expressing that’s Cloudflare records and servers were not compromised.

The most recent assault comes after succumbed to a DDoS assault toward the beginning of July that included a ransom demand for an unspecified amount of BTC. The assault came only weeks after a court in the UK requested the site to quit hosting the Bitcoin white paper, ruling for self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin SV (BSV) defender Craig Wright. has been the subject of attention several times after Nakamoto left the Bitcoin group in late 2011, passing on the code to Bitcoin designers. The site has since changed hands regularly, with Cobra being reported as a co-owner in late 2013.