Binance clients in the UK are without a fiat cash withdrawal choice on Binance again. As per the Financial News media outlet yesterday, the cryptocurrency exchange sent messages to clients, informing them that they have lost another fiat partner. However, the company apparently has not given any feedback concerning the justification for the most recent suspension of the ability to withdraw pounds, but states that it is trying to rectify the problem.

Last month, Binance had briefly suspended fiat payouts through Faster Payouts in the midst of admonitions from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The financial watchdog had shown concern that the company was operating in the country without a license, and ordered it to halt all activity. Binance tried to explain that it wasn’t attracting UK clients; however, it has continued to find financial partners distancing themselves in the wake of the FCA’s announcement.

Binance restored withdrawals toward the beginning of July; however, yesterday’s notification indeed puts the company’s UK clients in an in-between state. It has lost significant organizations with installment innovation firms in the country, like Clear Junction. Earlier this month, Barclays likewise declared its choice to stop support for card payments to the crypto trade. Santander’s U.K. branch additionally followed Barclays’ suit by impeding client installments to the crypto exchange, as well.

Reacting to the Barclays announcement, a representative for Binance recently explained that the FCA was confined to Binance Markets Limited and not its worldwide crypto exchange activity. Nonetheless, Binance has been under scrutiny lately, with administrative offices in various jurisdictions coming after the company. Aside from the UK, financial authorities in Japan, Poland and the Canadian territory of Ontario have likewise designated the organization.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao recently commented that “compliance is a journey” in the wake of the social event regulatory tempest confronting the organization. The comment was met with jeers and negative backlash, as the crypto community pointed out that compliance should be an easy task to complete. As opposed to Binance’s troubles, US crypto exchanges like Gemini have said they are remembering the big picture by immediately complying with regulatory demands.