Australian baseball club Perth Heal announced an association with OpenNode to accept and make payments in Bitcoin (BTC). The association allows the team to pay professional players and staff in Bitcoin. Australia has often been recognized as more accepting of cryptocurrency, and this is another example of its continued embrace of digital money.

According to the announcement, the professional sports club will send and receive payments in BTC on the Lightning Network. In addition, Perth Heal can accept Bitcoin payments for sponsorships, goods and other revenue flow. Taking things a step further, the team was also renamed “the Bitcoin baseball team.”

The club is also now selling Bitcoin merchandise on its official website.

Perth Heat CEO Steven Nelkovski believes that the comprehension of the underlying values ​​of the Bitcoin protocol will inspire others to cover a monetary system that requires the creation of value to prosper.

The club has already introduced an initial position in BTC to ensure its digital property rights over the safest monetary network and will continue to reinvest the capital available in Bitcoin. Perth’s warmth embraces the reality that the future of money and corporate treasures will live in Bitcoin Blockchain.

Australia has the efforts to allow the acceptance of regulated cryptocurrency this year. On October 20, a Senate Australian committee requested a complete review of the legislation and license of digital currency. A few days later, the Australian Security and Investment Commission also released a framework that approved exchange-traded products (ETPs) based on Bitcoin and Ether (ETH).

A recent survey conducted by found that Australian citizens are interested in exploring investments in cryptocurrency. Of the 2,020 Australians questioned between 18 and 59 years old, 26% answered that they will consider giving cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency-related gifts for Christmas.