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Head of Turkish crypto exchange who allegedly stole funds found in Albania

Written by: ( August 31, 2022 )

The Turkish Interior Ministry announced Tuesday that its search for the founder of cryptocurrency exchange Thodex is over. Faruk Fatih Ozer is suspected of having fled Turkey along with the assets of his exchange clients and has been arrested in Albania. Turkey issued an international warrant of arrest in April 2021 for Ozer, who fled […]

Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global accepting credit cards for purchases

Written by: ( July 4, 2022 )

According to an update from the cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global, customers can now buy cryptocurrency directly with Visa and Mastercard from the exchange. The company also stated that instant transaction provides both speed and convenience for users. Users now have the option to buy crypto with one of the “lowest payment fees,” MEXC said in […]

Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX worth $32 billion

Written by: ( February 1, 2022 )

The valuation of cryptocurrency exchange FTX rose to $32 billion Monday in a new round of funding. This shows that investors are still interested in the sector despite concerns about a sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices. Monday’s announcement by the Bahamas-based company was that it had raised $400 million in Series C financing. This was […]