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Slot machine tips that don’t actually work

Written by: ( July 7, 2021 )

Slot machines – physical or online – have been hugely popular since they were invented and some could argue that they are responsible for the attraction to the gambling space. They are relatively easy to play and can offer tremendous payouts, while providing an entertaining setting that involves more than shuffling cards and passing them […]

Four simple steps to choose an online casino

Written by: ( June 16, 2021 )

Online casinos are great alternatives for those who like the excitement and entertainment of gambling but who don’t have time, or the ability, to visit brick-and-mortar casinos. The iGaming segment has rapidly evolved over the past couple of years to offer an endless selection of gambling options and innovation continues to bring new surprises. There […]

Winning at online slots without breaking the bank

Written by: ( June 8, 2021 )

While there is no guaranteed way of increasing your chances of winning at online slots, there are methods that can improve your return. The RTP (return to player) determines the probability and this cannot be altered. However, certain online slot tips can help build a strategy that makes it more affordable to play, as long […]

Apocalypse Quest Slot | Top Winning Strategies

Written by: ( May 11, 2021 )

Apocalypse Quest Slot by GameArt Slot players will get a unique chance to stop an impending apocalypse and save the world in GameArt’s Apocalypse Quest slot. A fantasy-themed game with a grim leitmotif, saving the world in this case can pay off big. A highly volatile slot with 96.11% RTP and a maximum win of […]

How to develop a winning strategy for land-based slot machines

Written by: ( April 28, 2021 )

How to develop a winning strategy for land-based slot machines Slot machines have always been a popular option in casinos, with their easy-to-use format and increasing odds of winning. Because they require little or no experience, the one-armed bandits have been a hit with gamblers since they exploded on the scene over 120 years ago. […]