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Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken shutters Middle East operations

Written by: ( February 3, 2023 )

After receiving legal approval to operate in Abu Dhabi less than a year ago, the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has decided to shut down its Abu Dhabi headquarters. In addition to shutting down its Abu Dhabi office, Kraken has laid off eight employees from its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) section. It appears that Kraken […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken to leave Japanese market

Written by: ( December 29, 2022 )

Global cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has decided to stop its operations in Japan for the second time, citing pressure on its infrastructure amid a weak market. Deposits will be stopped as of January 9, but business operations such as trading will remain. In a December 28 blog post, Kraken said it has decided to stop operations […]

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange plans expansion into Europe this year

Written by: ( August 25, 2021 )

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken wants to officially expand its operations into Europe. The move comes after its biggest US rival, Coinbase, made a similar move earlier this year. Kraken co-founder and CEO Jesse Powell has announced that the company is actively seeking a European license, exploring several countries for potential approval. In an interview yesterday […]