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SOFTSWISS launches first-ever global jackpot aggregator

Written by: ( December 10, 2021 )

The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator announced its first global jackpot launch. The new iGaming slot machine option could revolutionize interaction and lead to even larger payouts than some of the top progressive slots now. Some of these have payouts above $10 million. The global jackpot pool is progressive. This allows for more reach and engagement by […]

A look at the seven biggest slot machine payouts ever recorded

Written by: ( April 23, 2021 )

Slot machines are an entertaining and easy way to gamble. There are limitless versions of the one-armed bandits in casinos everywhere, from pirates and treasures to popular TV shows and from ancient history to science fiction. Regardless of preference, there are plenty of ways to win at the slots and, over the years, several players […]