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YouTube cryptocurrency scam streams on the rise in 2022

Written by: ( September 19, 2022 )

In the first half of 2022, the number of domains used for cryptocurrency scams has increased by fivefold. Group-IB, an online security company based in Singapore, reported that the number of domains used to welcome YouTube scammers has increased fivefold over the past half-year. These domains have been registered more than 2,000 times. Most of […]

Cryptocurrency YouTubers’ accounts hacked in targeted attack

Written by: ( January 24, 2022 )

In 2021, the crypto ecosystem experienced a huge rise and scammers rushed to take advantage of this frenzy. Many cryptocurrency content YouTubers have reported that their accounts were hacked, and fraudulent videos were uploaded to them. More attacks are still occurring. While some accounts were able to capture the videos within minutes, Altcoin Buzz managed […]