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The Netherlands fines Coinbase $3.6M for violating trading rules

Written by: ( January 27, 2023 )

The Dutch financial regulator has fined cryptocurrency company Coinbase €3.3 million (US$3.6 million) for providing crypto trading services without being registered. The Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), which oversees financial activity in the Netherlands, issued the fine, knowing that Coinbase disagreed with its policies. Coinbase did not get the required registration before it […]

Cryptocurrency Tron could become legal tender in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten

Written by: ( January 25, 2023 )

The government of St. Maarten may soon adopt the technology of Tron in its official capacity. As the head of the country’s United People’s Party and the second vice chairman of the St. Maarten parliament, Rolando Brison has been vocal regarding the benefits cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can bring to the people and the economy. […]

Switzerland-based SEBA Bank expands cryptocurrency offerings

Written by: ( January 23, 2023 )

In an effort to simplify cryptocurrency banking and meet the needs of traditional investors as well as digital investors, SEBA Bank, a Swiss-based digital asset bank, has launched a new offering in order to make cryptocurrency banking easier. A press release stated that SEBA Bank is offering customers the option to choose between three exclusive […]

Vueling Airlines now accepts cryptocurrency for flight purchases

Written by: ( January 19, 2023 )

There have been a few attempts at bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream retail over the years, but the process is slow. Still, a number of retailers are onboarding digital payments from time to time, and a budget airline out of Spain is joining them. Vueling Airlines will allow flyers to buy their tickets with crypto beginning […]

Google AdWords not smart enough to stop crypto-phishing apps

Written by: ( January 16, 2023 )

There is an increasing trend for cybercriminals to take advantage of the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They’re targeting the growing number of NFT influencers to send malware and drain cryptocurrency wallets from NFT influencers, one of the major uses of Google AdWords. Alex, who calls himself “NFT God,” admitted that he acquired OBS, an […]

El Salvador approves new law to offer cryptocurrency-based bonds

Written by: ( January 12, 2023 )

El Salvador has approved a new special bond backed by Bitcoin called the “Volcano Bond.” The objective is to pay the sovereign debt and finance the construction of the so-called Bitcoin City. The project was approved with 62 votes in favor and 16 against. Following the approval,  El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office announced the approval […]

New cryptocurrency recovery tool hopes to end cyberthefts

Written by: ( January 10, 2023 )

The launch of a new cryptocurrency recovery system has been announced by Chiron Investigations Crypto Recovery Solutions, a leading cyber forensics firm. The solution is designed to reclaim lost cryptocurrency assets by individuals and businesses following instances of cybercrime. It targets crypto and forex trading thefts by providing information on how to recover stolen cryptocurrency. […]

Italy is introducing a new capital gains tax on cryptocurrency earnings

Written by: ( January 4, 2023 )

The Italian Parliament has signed off on a proposal to tax cryptocurrency gains above €2,000 ($2,110). The country isn’t the only one in Europe to be changing its approach to crypto, either. The new law not only imposes substantial taxes on crypto gains, but also provides incentives to taxpayers for reporting their cryptocurrency gains. For […]

25-year-old runs multibillion-dollar crypto trading company through parents’ home in Australia

Written by: ( January 3, 2023 )

A 25-year-old man is trading crypto worth $2 billion despite living with his parents, according to public records reported by The Australian. Darren Nguyen’s crypto trading business is registered under PO Street Capital at his parent’s home in suburban Sydney, Australia. The company made about $7 million in after-tax profits for the financial year ending […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken to leave Japanese market

Written by: ( December 29, 2022 )

Global cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has decided to stop its operations in Japan for the second time, citing pressure on its infrastructure amid a weak market. Deposits will be stopped as of January 9, but business operations such as trading will remain. In a December 28 blog post, Kraken said it has decided to stop operations […]