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Vitalik Buterin Gives $1B to India’s COVID Crypto Relief Fund

Written by: ( June 15, 2021 )

Despite not having yet accepted the virtues of cryptocurrencies, India isn’t willing to turn digital currency away when it’s given for free. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum and the world’s youngest cryptocurrency billionaire, just donated $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency to the country to support its COVID-19 relief efforts. It is the largest philanthropic […]

Casinos across Reno and Vegas are ditching masks for employees and guests

Written by: ( May 17, 2021 )

After a brutal year caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, casinos everywhere are finally starting to return to normal. First, casinos in several states were allowed to increase their capacities to 80%, then 100%, while maintaining certain health restrictions, such as social distancing and the use of face masks. Nevada is raising the bar, and many […]

Las Vegas almost back to normal as casino operators greenlighted to reopen

Written by: ( May 13, 2021 )

Wynn Resorts’ Vegas properties and the Strat Hotel & Casino were the first to announce that they were returning to 100% capacities, but they have now been joined by a number of other venues in the city. The COVID-19 debacle lasted much longer than anyone had initially anticipated, and Las Vegas is ready to get […]